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Anthro Research was the first (1971), independent, small business, antiquity permitted cultural resource consulting firm in the Northwestern Plains and Northern Rocky mountains.


Industry related projects that we have conducted include numerous pipelines, well locations, sub-divisions, and mining locations. We provide file searches, literature review, reconnaissance evaluations, report preparation, second opinions and evaluations and expert witness testimony.

Interpretive services consist of workshops, field trips and the development of heritage studies for public and private agencies, museums, and organizations. Most of our field trips are in Park, Meagher, Gallatin and Sweetgrass Counties, Montana. Field trips highlights include; the Anzick site, the Myers-Hindman site, the Emigrant bison kills and Fort Parker.

Dr. Lahren's dissertation research established 9000 years of continuous human occupation in the Greater Yellowstone Eco-System and field trips focus on past and present human adaptations to this area.


Dr. Lahren
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Larry A. Lahren, Ph.D.
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