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Larry A. Lahren, Ph.D.

ISBN 978-0-9789251-0-9 • ISBN 0-9789251-0-6
Library of Congress Control Number: 2006935845
Cayuse Press, Box 1218, Livingston, MT 59047

Preface — Dr. Stan Wilmoth

Foreword — Jerry Brekke
Author’s Introduction
I. On Becoming An Archaeologist
II. Place
III. Time
IV. Killing Stones
V. Prehistoric Oops
VI. Making The Shot
VII. Montana’s Earliest People
VIII. Valley of the Mammoth
IX. Odyssey of the Anzick Clovis Site
X. Good Camp on the Big Bend of the Elk River
XI. The Dozer Rock Site (24SW230)
XII. Sacajawea’s Ancestors

XIII. Eaters of Meat
XIV. Following the Trails
XV. Observations of Stone Features
XVI. Buffalo Jumps Over The Bank
XVII. Coming of the Elk-Dog
XVIII. The Apsáalooke
XVIV. Crow Vision Quests
XX. Wraps-Up-His-Tail — A Crow Patriot
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Dr. Lahren
©2006 by
Larry A. Lahren, Ph.D.
Buffalo in mist Buffalo in mist
PHOTO: “Buffalo Gals,” Jeff Henry

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